Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Who here likes wearing nice clothes?...Especially clothes that are brand new! There was once a daddy who wanted to spoil one of his sons by making him a brand new jacket. The boy's name was Joseph and the daddy's name was Israel.
Now Israel really wanted to spoil Joseph so he sat down to think about how to make the best ever new jacket for him.Can we all try to look like we are thinking by putting a serious look on our faces and tapping our chins with our fingers!...... Well done!
Well Joseph thought and thought and thought, At first he wondered if the best ever jacket would have a fancy shape to it...but then he shook his wasn't it....maybe the best ever jacket would have the biggest pockets in it?......but then he...what did he do....Yes that's it he shook his head and thought no!... It needed to be something better than that!
So he looked around while he was thinking...shall we do that...get the children to tap their chins whilst pretending to look around...As he looked around he saw many could have been a pretty red flower, or maybe a pair of sparkling blue eyes or maybe even the bright yellow sun and then he realised something...COLOURS! It is colours that make flowers so beautiful, eyes so sparkling and the sun so lovely. So Joseph's daddy decided that Joseph's coat should have lots of beautiful colours in it!.
He worked hard...weaving and spinning and making and sewing...shall we pretend to be Israel sewing hard...making his gift for his son?... Get the children to mime sewing a cloth..
When he had finished all his hard work Israel was so pleased. The coat looked beautiful!It has red and yellow and blue and green in it  Later that day Israel called his son over to him and told him he had a surprise for him...what do you do if you have a surprise for someone....would you tell them to close their  eyes really tight and put out their arms like this.. (act it out.). . I can imagine Israel telling Joseph that. Now can you show me your surprised faces! Get the children to do surprised looks on their faces. Now that is how I imagine Joseph would have looked when he opened his eyes and saw his very posh ne coat...what colours did it have in it again???  ...Yes that's it red and blue and yellow and green!

Activity:    print out the colours cards below and also the colours spinner below.  Tape the colours cards to the floor (you could either put them into clear  plastic wallets or laminate them if you wish to keep to use again in the future. I put large masking tape circle around the taped down sheets for the children to run into. Get the children to line up on one side and using the spinner shout out the colour that the spinner lands on. The children then have to run to the right colour. If you are using this game for older children I split them into team and ask questions on the story the team with their han up first and have the correct answer gets to spin the colour spinner and shout out the colour. Each team gets a point for evey child who gets to the shape - for this version of the game I make the shape around the colour small so not all the children can fit in.

Songs:    I can sing a rainbow
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Colours Theme/ Josephs coat of colours.
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Pre-school theme: colours
Sunday School : Joseph's coat of many colours
Joseph's coat collage.  Print out the Joseph's coat picture template onto thin card (or stick the paper template onto card). Cut out small coloured squares and get the children to glue them onto the picture.
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Story :
The story of Joseph's coat of many colours can be found in the Bible  in the book of Genesis ch 37 v 3
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