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Christmas Page
Advent paper chain craft, Christmas Story colouring sheets and Christmas Carols sing-a-longs.
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Numbers/lost coin
Coin rubbing craft, numbers activities and the story of the woman who lost her coin.
Colours/Josephs coat
Collage picture of Joseph's coat of many colours, run-a-round colours game using a colours spinner .The story of Joseph and his coat of many colours. An alternative Joseph session can be found in our making things theme here.
Shapes/The paralysed man healed
Glue and stick shapes pictures, jumping shapes game and the story of the paralysed  man lowered through roof of the house.
see our regular kids activities
Weather/God stops and starts the rain for Elijah
Kite craft for a windy day! Guess the weather activity game and the story of when God stopped and started the rain for Elijah.
Making food/The early church looks after it's widows
Decorating cupcakes with frosting, colouring and gluing cupcake pictures and the story of the early Christians in the book of Acts looking after the widows in the church.
Making Clothes / Joseph's dad makes him a coat of many colours
Making and painting a Joseph jacket out of a brown paper bag, collage picture of Joseph's coat and the story of how Joseph's dad made him a coat as an extra special gift.
Series of themes on Making Things
Making a basket / Moses Mummy makes him a basket
Making a paper basket with a baby Moses, water play and role play with baby dolls and the story of how Moses Mummy kept him safe by making him a basket.
Making music / David calms Saul with music
Making a musical rice rattle or a small cardboard guitar and the story of how David calmed grumpy King Saul down when he play music to him.
Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Index to Kids Sunday School Sessions
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Below you will find session plans suitable for pre-school toddler groups or preschool/kindergarten Sunday School classes.
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Stars/ Abraham's big family
Make a pair of binoculars or a sky at night picture. Count the stars in a night time picture and hear the story of when God promised a very old Abraham and Sarah that they would have a family so big it would be like counting the stars in the sky!
Series of sessions on a Body Parts Theme.
Eyes / Jesus heals a man born blind
Making an opening eyes puppet, activities to do with eyes and the story of how Jesus healed a man who was born with eyes that would not work.

Making an edible mouth or a paper mouth with accompanying toothbrush and the story of how God provided Manna to eat in the desert.

Making finger puppets and the story of how God used Peter and John to heal a lame man.

A multi-coloured handprint poem craft, and the story of Jesus using his hands to bless children and pray for them and sensory and miming activities to do with hands.

A memory verse love banner craft and the story about the prodigal son (lost son).
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Mouth / God provides Manna to eat in the dessert
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Legs / God uses Peter and John to heal a lame man
Hands / Jesus prays  for little children.
Heart / The prodigal son.
A second kids Christmas page
Nativity activity sheets and a make your own salt dough decorations page as well.