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1,     Cut out the fish on the fish template Get the children to colour in the fish in bright colours
2,     Write on them the type of people who they can tell about Jesus.Some ideas are: neighbours, friends at school, teachers.

3,      On the decorated fish, put either a brass split pin or a paper clip on the tip of the head of the fish. Get a pole, tie string onto the pole and a magnet on the other end of the string and go fishing!

Craft 2:  Follow steps 1+2 of the previous craft.  Then take a large sheet of paper and draw a fishing boat on the waves. Glue on pieces of string going from the boat  into the water in the shape of a fishing net. Have the children stick the coloured fish on to the picture in the net.
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Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Jesus Calls Peter, Andrew;James and John to be his disciples.
Ordinary to extraordinary
Matthew Ch 4 v 18 - 25
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                   Give the children a Sunday school voting card (see pdf below to print out a ready made set of voting cards). Tell the children about the three different people that  they, as pretend voters in Somewhere Land, can vote for. Make sure that the first two options sound amazing and out of this world. Then tell them about Mr Ordinary. Get them to cast their votes and see who wins. Point out that no one expects  much out of Mr Ordinary. To say that someone is ordinary usually means they don't or can't do amazing things.

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Teaching time: Today we are going to find out about when Jesus called to two fishing boats and asked Peter, Andrew, James and John to become fishers of men. Now you know when we pretended to choose who we thought would be the best person to be in charge of Somewhere Land. We were at first looking for someone who was extra special, who could achieve extra special things. Well when Jesus was choosing disciples he didn't look for someone extra special. He looked for people who were very ordinary. When people looked at Peter and Andrew and James and John they didn't take a step back and go " Wow these men are amazing, they will be able to do great things to help Jesus." If that was the case then the rest of us would feel, "What can  I do for Jesus...I am just ordinary."
That was just why Jesus did choose them, because they were ordinary. He calls to them and says "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men!"
You see you take ordinary men and put them with an extraordinary God and you will find that because of their extraordinary God they can do amazing things. There was once a young girl who loved God and wanted to serve him with all her heart. Her problem was she was just an ordinary girl. She worked as a maid in a large house. When she approached a missionary society because she knew God wanted her to work for him in China the missionary organisation thought she was too ordinary and not good enough to  work for God in China. But Gladys Alyward loved an extraordinary God who take ordinary people and causes them to do amazing things. Gladys did as God asked of her and went to China even though everyone else didn't think she was extraordinarly good enough to go. During her time in China God used her to do many amazing things from stopping a riot in a prision, leading one of the rulers of an area of China to know the Lord Jesus as his own Saviour and leading 100 children over mountain range to safety when enemies of China where trying to shoot at them, all by herself!!
A simple London maid did all this because God can do amazing things through ordinary people. Jesus in choosing these men as disciples showed what amazing things can happen to men who allow an extraordinary God to work through them.
So you are ordinary kids...God can use you too, to show to others how special he is.
Seeing as Peter, Andrew,John and James were fishermen lets take these cut out fish and write on them what things we can do to show people our extraordinary God. Some suggestions: Pray for friends and family, read my Bible everyday so I can learn more about God. Talk about God to others. Be helpful to others, giving God the glory.
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