Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Have you ever been running and fallen over and bumped your knee? I know when I was little when ever I fell over and bumped my knee I would go running to my Mummy who would give me a cuddle. Cuddles from Mummies not only make you feel better but make you feel safe don't they! Well today's story is about a very brave mummy who did something very clever to keep her baby safe.
A long, long time ago in a country far from here a very mean King lived. Can you show me your mean King faces? Well done. This mean King decided that he was going to really hurt all the baby boys, in fact he wanted to kill them! Show the children your shocked face. Can you show me your shocked face?
The Mummy of baby Moses wanted to keep her baby safe so she decided to do something very clever... She took some long thin plants that grew by the riverside and cut them down (mime actions of cutting down the reeds) She then decided to weave them into a basket (show the children  either a picture of a basket or a real basket). She painted the basket to stop the water getting in... Can you pretend to paint? Then she fed her baby and wrapped him up all snuggly and warm and placed him in the basket and floated him on the water where the mean King's soldiers couldn't find him.  A little while later the mean King's daughter the Princess cam along and found the baby. She decided she would lift the baby out of the water and keep him safe in her palace. She even asked baby Moses' Mummy to help her look after him... That is good isn't it. Now baby Moses was safe, his Mummy took look after him and he could live in a royal palace.

Activity:   Get out dolls and baskets for the children to play with.  Put out washing up bowls with a little water in (make sure children have aprons and towels and that surfaes are protected and children supervised) and put boats on the water, explain that the basket was really like a tiny boat for the baby.

Songs:    row, row,row your boat gently down the stream
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Making Things Theme/ Making a basket
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Pre-school theme: Making a basket
Sunday School : Moses' Mummy makes him a .               .                          basket.
Using the basket pattern PDF  cut out and let the children colour the inside of the basket with crayons. Follow the instructions to assemble the basket shape. Then click on the swaddled baby pattern. Cut out the thick oval shape and have the children colour in the baby and draw on the baby's face. Then stick the baby into the basket!
Click on the thumbnails below to go to the pdf document.
Story :
The story of Moses' Mummy making a basket for him, can be found in the Bible in the book of Exodus ch 1 v 1 - ch 2 v10.


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paper basket pattern PDF document
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Paper basket pattern PDF
swaddled baby PDF document
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