Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Today we are going to find out about a Daddy who was very clever. He liked to make things. Can you show me your hands? Some of you have bigger hands than others. Get the children to put their hands up against each other and compare the sizes  of their hands and also of some of the grown ups hands. Joseph's daddy have very big hands compared to Joseph and he could use them in lots of ways. Sometimes he used his hands to look after his sheep and sometimes he used them to make extra special gifts.
One day Joseph's daddy looked at Joseph and decided that he wanted to use his hands to make Joseph something extra special.  Can you show me your excited face... I think Joseph was excited when he realised that his daddy want to make something extra special for him.
His daddy stood by his wooden machine at home and passed the threads in and out, up and down (mime using a weaving loom). Can you pretend to move something from side to side and up and down? Get the children to do the actions alongside you.
Joseph was getting really excited now... In fact he was so excited he jumped up and down on the spot. Can you jump up and down like Joseph did?
When his Daddy had finished working with his hands he went to show Joseph what he had made for him. Can you cover your eyes and when I say "go!" take your hands away from your eyes and look surprised.
When Joseph opened his eyes he saw the most beautiful coat ever and his Dad had made it just for him!
Joseph felt very special getting his special present from his Daddy didn't he.

Activity:    Get the children to use the role play /dressing up clothes to dress some of the toys

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Making things Theme/ Josephs coat of  colours.
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Pre-school theme: making coats
Sunday School : Joseph's daddy makes him a coat of many colours
1)    Take a brown paper grocery bag. Cut the bottom off and make arms hole in it and cut down the centre. Draw lines and a collar on the bag and get the children to use sponge and paints to paint on the different colours onto the jacket they are making for their teddy bear/doll.

2)Joseph's coat collage.  Print out the Joseph's coat picture template onto thin card (or stick the paper template onto card). Cut out small coloured squares and get the children to glue them onto the picture.
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Story :
The story of Joseph's coat of many colours can be found in the Bible  in the book of Genesis ch 37 v 3  The Joseph story but told from a different perspective is  found under our colours theme here


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