Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

David calms Saul down with his music.
Have you ever felt really grumpy? Can you show me your grumpy faces... Sometimes when we feel grumpy there are things we can do to calm ourselves down...Now this is, a difficult one, can you show me your calm face.
Today's story is about a man called Saul who was a very grumpy King. Saul liked to boss others around and sometimes he would get angry and grumpy for no reason. Can you show me your mean faces? The king's servants knew it was never good if the King was in a grumpy mood and so they decided to ask someone for help.
David was a good man who loved God and loved to play music on his harp to praise God. The King's servants soon found out that when David played his harp for the grumpy king Saul it calmed the king down and made him peaceful again. Who here likes instruments? Well at craft time today we are going to make our own beautiful musical rattles so we can make our own music like David.
David's music use to calm the king down so much that he ended up working lots at the Kings palace. Wasn't David kind!

Let the children use their homemade instruments to accompany singing time.

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Making Things Theme/ David makes music to calm a King
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Pre-school theme: Making music
Sunday School : David makes music to calm King .                           Saul
1,  Make a musical rice rattle.

2,   Make a cardbord box guitar
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Story :
The story of David playing music to calm King Saul, can be found in the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel ch 16 v 23.
Saul david


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