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About Mow Cop , the place.
Mow Cop Community Church is situated in the beautiful village of Mow Cop. It is a village which sees the counties of Staffordshire and Cheshire meeting at the centre of the community. Looking down from Mow Cop Castle (often called Mow Cop Folly or as originally called 'The Summer House') the view is breathtaking, taking in several counties on a good day ranging from Lancashire, Shropshire, Derbyshire to the Welsh hills of Denbighshire. It is said that you can see a total of 7 different counties from Mow Cop.                                                                                                                                                                                     
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Mow Cop Community Church Side View
Mow Cop Castle by Mow Cop Community Church

A View of Mow Cop Community Church as you come up the hill on Station Bank.

Mow Cop is a place with a fascinating history. A history which sees the mining of it's stone, the grit stone was mined into mill stones and in the days before electric tools when  part of the rock defeated the miners it was left intact. This stone pillar came to be known as the Old Man of Mow because of it's resemblance to an old man. Looking carefully around the sites on Mow Cop there can be seen partial cut mill stones which were left unfinished due to a fault splitting the rock. Also if you look carefully around the Old Man of Mow you will see a large cross carved into the rock. Where the cross is, is where the Church of England's Ecclesiastical seas (or regions) of York and Canterbury meet.

Mow Cop Castle
taken on a clear winters day.

                                                                                                            that originally created velvet material, both are now residential apartments.
The Gritstone Trail  takes in both the castle and the Old Man of Mow as part of a longer trail through Cheshire.  For a more local ramble, that takes in the delights of both Cheshire and Staffordshire  is the Mow Cop Residents Association Heritage Trail.
As Mow Cop has a boundary of the regions of the Church of England so too  has it the history of  Mow Cop's famous camp meetings which went alongside the Primitive Methodist revival of 1807 led by Hugh Bourne and William Clowes.
Sunset looking out from Mow Cop Community Church
Sunset at Mow Cop taken from the church window of Mow Cop Community Church.
which is now organized by Mow Cop Residents Association. This is where, for pleasure, people run a whole mile up the 1 in 4 (25%) incline so they can have the satisfaction of knowing they have completed it! This is an increasingly popular event at Mow Cop seeing many people coming from out of the area to compete in it.

Mow Cop has two mills (Coronation Mill and Bottom Mill)

In more recent times Mow Cop has become known for it's annual 'Killer Mile' race,

Mow Cop in times past has been a place where people who were looking for God and a meaning to their life came  to find the answers. It was a place that people realised that despite their failings and wrong doings God was there to meet them in His life transforming power. All this was not possible because Mow Cop was an especially holy place; but because God's especially Holy Son took the punishment...the eternal consequences... for our sin - the reason we otherwise would be barred from going to Heaven. It was this gift freely offered to those who ask Jesus to forgive them of their wrong and be the director of their lives that people in times past sought and found at Mow Cop.

We at Mow Cop Community Church not only play an active part in our community, with our children and youth work and coffee morning to name a few, but we seek to follow the heritage of Mow Cop in welcoming people and pointing them in turn to this same Jesus Christ who transformed lives in the past and who has not changed in the present.
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