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Numbers Theme / the Lost Coin
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Pre-school theme: numbers 
Sunday School : The parable of the lost coin
Coin rubbing.  Print out the purse template onto thin card (or stick the paper template onto card). Take some coins and glue them onto the printed out template. Print out enough templates onto paper for one for each child. The children then take their own template and place over the top of coin card and colour over with crayons to get their very own coin rubbings!
Click on the thumbnail below to go to the template.
Story :
The story of the lost coin can be found in the Bible  in the book of Luke ch 15 v 8-10
Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Jesus told a story once it was about a lady who owned 10 very bright and sparkly coins! She use to love to take her coins out of her purse and lay them on the table and count them out....Are you ready...using your fingers point to one finger at a time so the children can see clearly and count all ten fingers out loud...Ten beautiful sparkly coins, can you help me count them again? we go... 1...2..3..ect..
One evening before the lady went to bed to sleep she decided she would get her purse out and count her coins again, just one last time before she went to sleep. She opened her purse and tipped the coins on to the table..mime tipping the coins onto the table and making sure they didn't roll away...1...2...3....4...5....6...7....8...9..... That's not right is it! I think I must have done that wrong...can you help me count them out again? Use you fingers now... 1....2..3...4...5...6....7....8..9.... Oh No! Can you show me you shocked an exaggerated shocked look with your hands waving besides your head in mock horror... This is really bad.... Let count one more time nice and loud and see how many we really have.......1...2...3...4...5...6...7....8...9. Well the lady was really worried so she decided to search and look and not give up until she found that precious lost coin. Mime searching....
She looked under her table cloth...get the children to pretend to look under a the kids to shake their wasn't there.... What about under a cushion?.....get the children to mime looking under a cushion or bean there there either...shaking heads.... Well it was quite dark now and she thought that the coin was probably hiding in a shadow somewhere so she went round her house and switched the lights on! ...Mime switching lights on... It was just then she spotted something shining in the corner of the room...clap hand in joy...what do you think it was? Yes it was the lost coin!
You know she was so excited that she got straight onto the phone and called all her friends and invited them to come round for some tea and cake to celebrate that she had found her very precious coin.
Now when Jesus told this story he explain to the people who were sat listening just like you are now that just as that lady who had lost her coin was so very, very happy when she found it again in the same way the angels in heaven are very, very happy when someone start to come out of the shadows and starts to live their life God's way!

Activity:    Using the dot pictures in the template below, click on the thumbnail to go to the template, get the children to put one counter on top of every dot on the picture and count out loud as they do so. I made my own extra large counters out of salt dough. Get the children to attempt to do more than one of the dot cards. You will find a link below for the salt dough recipe.

Songs:    She lost it, she lost it, that little piece of silver,

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Number Dots
Salt Dough Recipe pdf
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