Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

In preparation have cut out a large square, for a house, right angled triangle for a roof, smaller rectangle for a door and small square for a roof. Stick these indiscriminately on a wall, ask the children which is the large square and then stick in in a central position carry on doing the same until all the shapes are stuck together to form a house. Then into the story...

There was once a man with a poorly body and legs that wouldn't work aaahhhhhh that's sad.... Show me your sad faces..well that is how this man felt because he couldn't walk or run or play tag or any of those exciting things... He would be lying down on a mat all day and needed his friends to pick him up and carry him if he wanted to go any where.
Well one day this man's friend heard that Jesus was in town  and that if Jesus wanted he could heal all sorts of people. Immediately they thought of their good friend stuck on the mat all day and decided they would do something to help him. They went to him as he lay there on his rectangular mat...a bit like the shape of that rectangle on the floor... And they each took a corner of the mat and lifted him up. Their friend said 'Hey! What are you doing?'
and the friends said 'We are taking you to Jesus!'
Now before I carry on lets look again at our shapes house, because you know the houses were Jesus lived didn't look this shape, with the pointed roof, they looked different. Let me show you... Take the triangle and put it on the side of the house and say to the children. The houses where Jesus lived had flat roofs and this triangle here (point to triangle) we can pretend is not a roof anymore but some steps up to the flat roof of the house.
Well the friend heaved and carried their friend on the mat until they came to the flat roofed house where Jesus was stopping. Oh no! Show me your shocked face! The house was packed...everybody must have known that Jesus was there and they had all gone to hear  what he had got to say and now the house was packed and there would be no way of getting their friend in through  the door (point to the door of your shapes house) to see Jesus. What were they going to do? Point to the triangle stairs... Well one of the friends said 'Look the stairs...we get him up there and rip a hole in the roof and lower him down through the hole to Jesus!' What a brilliant idea! Show me your excited faces...because that is how this man's friends felt now...They carried their friend (pointing to the shapes house as you say) up the steps and onto the flat roof. The ripped the roof off and lowered their friend on the mat down through the hole, right in front of Jesus.
Jesus looked at the man and said to him 'your sins are forgiven, get up, roll up your mat and walk.' Now it was the man on the mat's turn to be surprised! Everyone looked surprised as the man got up rolled up his mat and jumped and walked and looked extremely happy! Jesus had healed him! Show me your very happy faces and jump on the spot, just like the man who had been healed.

Activity:   Put masking tape shapes on the floor. Tell the children, just as the man in the story was so excited that Jesus had healed him and rolled up his bed and jumped and walked I think we should jump to the correct shape when I call it out. As you call out the shape the children 'jump' over to the shape.

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Shapes Theme/ The poorly man goes through the roof.
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Pre-school theme: shapes
Sunday School : The paralysed man
Shapes collarge pictures. Print out the children's template sheet with the greyed out shape outlines. Then print out the shapes sheet and cut out shapes. The children then glue the correct shape onto the shapes outline until their picture is completed.
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Story :
The story of the healing of the paralysed man in Luke  can be found in the Bible  in the book of Luke ch 5 v 18 - 26


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