Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Have you ever woken up in the night when it is very, very dark? Can you close your eyes tight shut to pretend it is dark? ....what can you see? Not muck is the answer! Well if you looked out of your bedroom window on a clear night, when there are no clouds in the sky the you would see something very, very pretty! What you would see would be something that the man in our story saw a long, long time ago.
The man in our Story was called Abraham and he was married to a lady called Sarah. They both loved each other and really wanted to have a family... You know lots of babies. Anyone here got a baby brother or sister? The only problem was they had been married a very long time without having any babies and infact Sarah, Abraham's wife, was the same age as a very old grandma! She knew she couldn't have any babies and that made her sad. Ahhh... Can anyone show me their sad faces?
God looked down on Abraham and Sarah and saw that they loved Him and tried to follow His ways ways, so one day God spoke to Abraham and told him to look up at the night sky. This is the same night sky you look up at at night when it is dark, it hasn't changed in all those years. Now when you look out of your window do you see the twinkling stars in the sky? There are lots of them aren't there! Well God promised Abraham that night that even though both himself and his wife Sarah were so very old He would make sure Sarah could have a baby and in the end Abraham would have such a large family that there would be as many as the stars in the sky! That is allot isn't it! For our Activity we are going to try and count a few of the stars and that will help us see that Abraham was going to have a very BIG family. Abraham was so very happy now... Can I see your happy faces!

    Print out a Hubble telescope space picture and show the children how beautiful space is. Get them to try and count all the stars in the picture...are there too many to count?
What patterns can you see in the stars? Get simple pictures of some of the constellations  from the internet with simple picture behind them to show what pictures people have seen in the sky to help them remember the patterns of the stars,

Songs:    Twinkle twinkle little star
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Stars Theme/ Abraham's big family.
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Pre-school theme: stars
Sunday School : Abraham's big family
Binoculars: Take a kitchen paper roll and cut it in half to give you 2 small cardboard rolls. Tape the two  rolls together side by side. Decorate!!
Sky at night picture: On a black sheet of paper get the children to put dots of glue, differing sizes. Sprinkle glitter on an there is your sky at night!
Story :
The story of God promising Abraham a very big family can be found in the Bible  in the book of Genesis ch 15 v 5


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