Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Who would like to try on my paper crown? The thing is if you do while you have it on you must have a grumpy face, because the King in today's story was a very bad King. Let the children try on the crown and show off their grumpy faces.  Ahab was a bad king of Israel. Elijah was one of God's prophets.
One day Elijah went to see King Ahab. Elijah told King Ahab that because he was so naughty and showed others how to be very naughty the Lord God of Israel had said that no rain or dew would fall the next few years unless Elijah commanded it. He must have been a very bad King !
God knew that Ahab would be mad at Elijah, so God hid Elijah near the Jordan River. Everybody hide under your own arms so no-one can see you. He sent ravens with food to feed Elijah every day.
Just as Elijah had said, it didn't rain in Israel for three years.
In the end God told Elijah, "Go and meet King Ahab. I will soon send rain." So Elijah told Ahab to bring the 450 prophets of the false god Baal to Mount Carmel for a contest. The prophets of Baal built an altar and put a dead bull on it. They called on Baal to set the offering on fire. But nothing happened.
Then Elijah built an altar and put an offering of a dead bull on it. He poured 12 huge jars of water on his sacrifice. Elijah asked God to set it on fire. God sent fire from heaven to burn up the bull, the altar, and even the stones! Then all the people worshiped God.
Then Elijah looked into the sky and saw a cloud... What was going to happen? Do you think it was going to be sunny....or snow..... or could it be that it was going to rain!
It rained and rained. So you see God had stopped and started the rain just for Elijah hadn't he!

Activity:    Get the children to sit together and tell them they must close their eyes and you are going to get them to guess which type of weather you are going to pretend to make.

Hail - drop bits of gravel onto a tin lid.

Wind - switch on an electric fan pointed towards the children

Snow - throw cotton wool balls at the children

Rain - use a water spray bottle and spray water over the top of the children.

    I hear thunder, incy wincy spider
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Weather Theme/ God stops and starts the rain for Elijah
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Pre-school theme: weather
Sunday School : God stops and starts the rain for Elijah
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Story :
The story of God stopping and starting the rain for Elijah can be found in the Bible  in the book of 1 Kings ch 17 v 1 + ch 18 v 1- 45


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