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            Using the templates on the PDFs below, print out the sample shield  which shows about King David's life, to explain to the children what they can do. Next get the children to explain what they know about Jesus ( He was born and laid in a manger, as a baby he was visited by shepherds and later by wise men. He performed many miracles like the feeding of the 5,000 and he died on a cross and rose again 3 days later). Then show them their paper which is a blank shield which they can draw Jesus story on. If you have time later you could use the spare blank shield to do a David or Abraham Shield - if you do encourage the children to put Jesus on the shield to show that David and Abraham were related to Jesus.
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Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Jesus' Family Tree.

Matthew Ch 1 v 1 - 17
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                   Have a couple of long thin strips of paper. On one of the strips prior to Sunday school write down a list of name of people in your (or an older member of the congregations) family tree from the oldest down to the youngest. At the start of the class choose one of the children and ask them for the names of their Grandparents and their parents and then put their own name on the list alongside any of their siblings.
2 long thin sheets of paper (one left blank and the other with your or another member of the church family's names listed on from the eldest to the youngest).
Print out one sample heraldry sheet and at least one blank heraldry sheet for each child.PDF of the heraldry sheet is further down the page.
Crayons/colouring pencils for the children to use.
Session Plan:
                           Talk about family lines and explain a bit about your own family and show a list of name of part of your family tree, explaining to the children a little bit about one or two of the names with interesting stories of them. Get one of the children to tell you the names of their grandparents and their parents. Explain how this isn't just a list of names it is about real people, each with their own real story.
Explain how the list of names at the beginning of Matthew is also about real people. It starts by stating that Jesus is the son of David, the son of Abraham. It is a list of people all with exciting stories of how they behaved towards God and how God responded to them.

Explain about Coats of Arms (heraldry) and how they where a shield that showed through pictures or symbols something about that persons family history.

Explain something of the story of the first two names mentioned in the intro to Jesus family tree, Abraham and David i.e. David was a shepherd boy who fought off the giant Goliath with just a sling and 5 stones. He  played a musical instrument and wrote many of the Psalms in the Bible. He also became the King of Israel and was known as a man after God's own heart. So his shield could look like our sample shield. Click on the PDF below.

Because Jesus was descended from David and Abraham we know that he was from the family which God's special Saviour was to come from. Matthew is pointing out that Jesus is the Saviour that had been foretold throughout all the stories of the people who had come before him in his family tree.
coat of arms pdf
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sunday school girl
Sunday school boy
sunday school girl
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sunday school girl
Sunday school boy
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sunday school girl
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Sunday school boy
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sunday school girl
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