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Please feel free to use any of the resources on this page free of charge. We do ask however that you do not use these resources for monetary gain.
Craft: Edible Locus! You will need per child, a paper plate with the child's name written on the top, 1 Croissant, A tablespoon of Vanilla Frosting, 8 mini bread sticks, 2 dried cranberries (or raisins),
Place the Croissant in the centre of the plate and at the widest end use a little frosting to stick the 2 dried cranberries on the front like eyes. With 2 of the bread sticks make the peak of a triangle and put these at the bottom section of the body to look like the extra long 'jumping' legs. Then evenly space 2 more legs infront of the large leg on each side. Use the last of the frosting to spread a little on the top either side of the body in the shape of little wings and there you have your edible locus. Please see some pictures of our locus below:
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Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Introducing John the Baptist

Matthew Ch 3
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                   Get pictures of different types of food that the children will most probably like and enjoy and then one picture of a jar of honey and the last picture to be of a locus.
Ask the children to give you scores out of 10 for each of the foods and write the scores next to the pictures. Build up to the last one being food that somebody ate all the time with a bit of something (the honey) to sweeten it with. Then show the locus!

Teaching time:
The man we are going to talk about today is the man who spent his life eating for his breakfast, dinner and tea, wild honey and locus... His name... John the Baptist.
You know God gives different people different jobs to do in their lives and John the Baptist had his job description all written out for him BEFORE he was born. His parents knew he was born for a very special  purpose. 
Long, long ago when in here in England Kings traveled through the country in a carriage pulled by horses, it was common that when the carriage came near any group of people that the guards on foot or horse back would trumpet and shout out "Make way for His Royal Highness"..and then the King's name. Well that was a little bit like John the Baptist's job. He was to announce to the people that it was time to get ready for God and His Messiah. He would tell everyone it was time they turned away from their sins and turned back to God and listened to the Messiah He (God) would send. He was announcing to everyone to make way for Messiah!
John spent his days living in the desert, separated from people- but not from God. He lived differently to others, ate differently, dressed differently. He was not afraid of earthly men of power like King Herod. He told God's truth even when he knew it could and did cause him trouble.
As Christians we should be like John the Baptist. God has given us the job to announce to those around us that God's Son did come to earth as a baby who grew into a man and paid for our sin and who will come a second time. We should be prepared to live modestly and not flaunt ourselves, eat and drink differently - not get drunk, and talk differently - we should tell the truth, never lie ands always  be eager to talk about who Jesus is and why He is so important.
What ways do you think we could live differently for God?

2nd Craft:
John the Baptist dinner Plate Craft. Take a paper plate and get the children to colour a large splodge of yellow on it. This is to represent honey. Then cut little lines in the plate (one for every locust). Print out the PDF file below of pictures of locust on it and stick one locust on one pipe cleaner. Thread the pipe cleaner through the slits in the plate so that the locusts sit on top and the pipe cleaners hang below. Taking the very end tips of the pipe cleaners in one hand you shouls then be able to make your John the Baptist Dinner jump up and down on your plate!
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