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Craft:    An ' It is written ' bookmark template and instructions are below
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Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Jesus being tempted by the Devil in the wilderness.
Matthew Ch 4 v 1 - 7
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Activity: Use the power point to do a Guess who is the Messiah quiz. Look at the introduction of the teaching time to see how to introduce the quiz. If you have no facilities to use power point you could always print out the slides onto paper to show the children.


Teaching time: Today we are going to hear about what happened to Jesus after he was baptised. Do you remember last week we learned about Jesus being baptised by John? Well what happens to Jesus this week is a direct result of that. From the very beginning when Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden of Eden God told Eve that the serpent (that is Satan) would bite out at Eve's foot but that she would crush his heel. That meant that Satan knew even then that God would send a Saviour/Messiah into the world and that he was determined that this same Saviour would not be able to finish the job God had sent Him to do. It was like from then Satan would be on the lookout trying to stop anyone he thought would be God's Messiah.
-now as you go through the power-point you will see how Satan at first had everyone in the world could be a candidate, then through prophesy he would know this person would be a King which means he would be a man. Then narrow it down to a man in Israel and then of the tribe of Judah and finialy the Satan would have be sure that God's Messiah would be Jesus when he heard the voice of God break through the clouds as Jesus came up out of the waters of baptism and said "this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

Satan knew he had to stop Jesus being faithful to God. So as soon as he realises that Jesus is the Messiah he decides to try and take advantage of the fact that Jesus has gone into the desert to pray and fast for 40 days. Satan waits till  Jesus is exhausted from his fast and tries to tell him to turn a stone into bread for him to eat. If ever you have been really hungry you will know that just thinking about food makes it even worse!
Jesus tells Satan that Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. He is telling him in the big Scheme of things this life is short and eternity is long. God's word is more important than even bread and water. He is basically telling us today, don't try and fit God's word in somewhere in your day, fit your day in somewhere around God's word because it is more important.  At this point show the piece of paper - or print off the "God's word is..." prompt cards from the PDF file above- that says God's word is important on it.

Next he tries to get Jesus with ambition and says to him see all these lands, well you just bow down and worship me now and I will make sure these people worship you. Jesus says the important words "It is written" He is taking Satan back to what he has already told him. God's word is more important in this case Jesus tells him that God has already told us that we should worship God alone and Him (that is God) is the only one we should serve.
You see God's word strengthens you when you are being tempted to help you do the right thing. At this point show the piece of paper that says God's word strenghtens on it.

Satan thinks he can trick Jesus so he takes Jesus up to the top of the temple (which is really high) and says throw yourself down from here because it is written that God's angel's will catch you and stop you from hurting yourself, everyone will see this and realise that you are really a powerful man! Well you know I was told once that the best way to see if a five pound note is a fake is not to know all the tricks naughty people use to make fakes but to know the real and genuine note inside out. Now the Bible does tell us that God's angel's would catch him if needed, but it also tells us that God hates a proud heart and a man to tries to make himself look better than everyone else God will humble and a humble man God will lift up. Jesus knows the word of God and so he reminds Satan that God says that you should not put God to the test. God's word helps us not to be deceived! At this point show the piece of paper that says God's word stops deceit on it.
So what are the 3 things we have learned?
At this point show all the pieces of paper .
You see God's word is so important that we should all try and read our Bibles or Bible story books as often as we can...which brings me onto the craft for today!
it is written bookmark template
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Guess who power point presentation.

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