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Kids Sunday School Series: Opening up the Gospel of  Matthew
Living for Jesus
(Jesus wants us to live different lives).

Matthew Ch 5 v 31 - 48
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Activity: Have a couple of  buckets covered over so the children can't see what is in the buckets.  Inside 1 of the buckets put  a sponge, a bowl of sloppy jelly (jello), and in the other put a bar of dry soap, a wooden block, a stone or brick. Have the children close their eyes and work out what is the difference between the first bucket and the second bucket. If they need prompting get them the describe how  the objects feel. When one uses the words hard or soft tell them they are absolutely correct. One is full of hard things and the other full of soft things.

Teaching time: In today's passage in the book of  Matthew we see Jesus talking about how people who follow his ways should have soft hearts and not hard hearts. People with soft hearts think more of others than they do themselves. Jesus tells of how if someone slaps you on the
face on the right cheek, it meant it was a back handed slap and was the biggest insult. Jesus tells us if someone insults you, or says something really not very nice to you you shouldn't try and get them back. Jesus tells us that if people have hard hearts, that think more of themselves than others, then that hard heart will cause people to divorce.  is insult your making badges saying I am living for Jesus, hard hearts cause divorce (stone people)
Jesus wants us to have tender hearts. Hard hearted people find it easy to lie and Jesus tells us that He wants our lips to tell the truth and not lies. Jesus shows us that soft hearted tender and kind hearted people don't lash out when people hurt them but do kind thing with nothing to gain for yourself. 
Jesus wants us to live His way and not the hard hearted wordly way.
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Song: I met Jesus at the crossways, where the two ways meet.
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